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Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention

What is this resource?This article provides a thorough overview of what peer mediated instruction and intervention (PMII) is and the difference between cooperative learning and PMII. The 19-page document is available as a PDF.

Why is it valuable?An understanding of the types of supports inherent within the instructional structures we use is crucial to designing an environment that supports all learners. By better understanding the power of PMII, educators are better equipped to construct valuable, inclusive environments.

Authors: Hall, T., & Stegila, A. (2003). Peer mediated instruction and intervention. Wakefield, MA: National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum. Retrieved July 20, 2015 from http://aim.cast.org/learn/historyarchive/backgroundpapers/peer-mediated_instruction#.Va1TW4uVIyE

Ideal Audience: School Faculty and Staff

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