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Steps to Get You Started: Strong LEA/School Relationship

What is this resource?Your school can take specific action steps to develop a strong LEA/School relationship. Click on one of the steps below to learn more about how to get started.

Why is it valuable?Follow these steps to implement this feature in your school.

Develop a district-based team to support implementation of SWIFT features.

Include district administration, school administration, and school leadership team representatives in a district-based team for the purpose of implementing SWIFT among schools in the community.

Schedule opportunities for district personnel to attend school-level meetings.

Include district personnel in school level data-based planning meetings.

Include district personnel in school leadership team meetings.

Ask district personnel to observe classroom instruction and interventions for the purpose of building mutual understanding about inclusive educational practices.

Provide district-level professional learning related to SWIFT features.

Provide district-wide professional learning opportunities that address practices related to SWIFT features.

Provide professional learning opportunities that target specific school needs.

Develop a process for schools to request specific professional learning to target needs identified during SWIFT implementation.

Develop a process for identifying and removing barriers to implementation of SWIFT features.

Use data to identify barriers to SWIFT implementation in your school, district, or state.

Develop a process for gathering information from multiple schools in the community about perceived barriers to SWIFT implementation.

Monitor SWIFT implementation with a district-based team or task force for better understanding, tackling and removing identified barriers.

Regularly communicate to the school board about fidelity and outcomes related to SWIFT features.

Share schoolwide and district-wide fidelity and outcomes data with the school board.

Consider presenting SWIFT fidelity implementation data from the SWIFT-Fidelity Implementation Tool (SWIFT-FIT) or the SWIFT-Fidelity Integrity Assessment (SWIFT-FIA) to the school board.

Compare changes in SWIFT fidelity to student outcome data. For example, as implementation of inclusive behavior instruction progressed, did office discipline referrals decrease? As a multi-tiered system of support was established, did academic and behavior outcomes improve?

Ask students and families to share with the school board their experiences or stories related to SWIFT implementation in your school or district.

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