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SWIFT Guide / Multi-Tiered System of Support / Inclusive Academic Instruction / Early Warning System Middle Grades Tool

Early Warning System Middle Grades Tool

What is this resource?This excel based tool "enables schools and districts to identify students who may be at riskk of dropping out of high school and monitor these students' responses to interventions. The tool relies on student level data available at the school or district including indicators for attendance, course failures, GPA, credit attainment, and behavior (if available) to calculate potential risk for dropping out. The intended purpose is to support students with an increased risk of academic failure, in order to get them back on track for graduation."

Why is it valuable?Educators know to collect data about students who are at risk for dropping out, but they don't always have a tool to help them investigate those data, look for changes, and identify patterns of what is helping the student. This tool provides that structure.

Authors: The National High School Center

Ideal Audience: School Faculty and Staff, Administrators

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