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Culturally Responsive Teaching

What is this resource?Culturally responsive teaching (CRT) values and builds upon students' cultural and linguistic resources and the unique knowledge they bring from their lives outside of school. Evidence-based CRT practices are integrated into an “innovation configuration (IC) matrix” (similar to a rubric) which can be used to guide and support further educator implementation of evidence-based CRT practices.

Why is it valuable?Although the innovation configuration matrix included in this paper is designed for teacher preparation programs, “it can be modified as an observation tool for professional development purposes”. Suggested resource of My Brother's Keeper Task Force.

Authors: Citation: Aceves, T. C., & Orosco, M. J. (2014). Culturally responsive teaching (Document No. IC-2). Retrieved from University of Florida, Collaboration for Effective Educator, Development, Accountability, and Reform Center website: http://ceedar.education.ufl.edu/tools/innovation-configurations/

Ideal Audience: Local Educational Agency, School Faculty and Staff, Administrators

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