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SWIFT Partner Examples of the Visioning TA Practice

What is this resource?SWIFT newsletters capture the movement schools, districts, and states are experiencing on their journey to establish inclusive, equity-based learning environments. Part of this journey involves developing a vision held by teachers, staff, administrators, families, and community members. These two stories share how two schools created a process for shared visioning. The experiences of Guilford Central School in Vermont are found at the bottom of the second page of the March 2015 SWIFT newsletter. The experiences of Portland Oregon's Atkinson Elementary School are documented halfway down the second page of the September 2015 newsletter.

Why is it valuable?Tools to guide the SWIFT TA practice of Visioning are in the SWIFT Playbook, but sometimes it is helpful to read stories of others' successes. These newsletter articles offer a glimpse into how these schools implemented this powerful practice.

Authors: SWIFT Center

Ideal Audience: Family and Community Members, School Faculty and Staff

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