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Guidance on Inclusive Extracurricular Opportunities

What is this resource?This January 2013 “Dear Colleague” letter from the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, overviews obligations of public elementary and secondary schools under Section 504 and the Department's Section 504 regulations; cautions against making decisions based on presumptions and stereotypes; details the specific Section 504 regulations that require students with disabilities to have an equal opportunity for participation in nonacademic and extracurricular services and activities; and discusses the provision of separate or different athletic opportunities.

Why is it valuable?The letter may be helpful to schools and districts as they plan how they will implement the Section 504 requirements to include students with disabilities in nonacademic and extracurricular activities.

Authors: Seth M. Galanter, Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights United States, Department of Education

Ideal Audience: Local Educational Agency, School Faculty and Staff, Administrators

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