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Parent Friendly Schools: Starting the Conversation

What is this resource?Drawing on existing high quality resources in family engagement, this 58-page document is a quick start guide with five tools to help schools think about how they engage families and move toward best practice in family engagement. This tool also helps schools to talk about the culture of their school and how welcome people feel at their school. The cover page reads, "Who should use this document? Schools interested in improving school achievement."

Why is it valuable?The authors answer this by stating, "To help you understand if you are moving toward best practice in parent engagement. Specifically, this tool is designed to help your school begin a conversation about environment and how welcome people feel in your building. This initial conversation will start you on your way to continued conversations about honoring and connecting with parents in ways which support student achievement."

Authors: Iowa Parent Information Resource Center

Ideal Audience: Family and Community Members, School Faculty and Staff

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