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SWIFT Guide / Inclusive Policy Structure & Practice / Strong LEA/School Relationship

Strong LEA/School Relationship

A local educational agency (LEA) partners with the school to promote a shared vision and foster inclusive teaching and learning. Strong LEA / School Relationships use policy to formally organize and integrate initiatives and programs, address and remove barriers to success, and address ways to more effectively use resources.


This film shows how strong LEA/school relationships use policy to unite school communities to provide a coordinated education for all.


  • Discussion Guide: Strong LEA/School Relationship

    Use this discussion guide along with the SWIFT in 60 video to talk with school stakeholders about what a strong LEA/school relationship could look like at your school.

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  • Introduction to Strong LEA/School Relationship

    Use this PowerPoint to introduce the SWIFT feature: Strong LEA/School Relationship. The PowerPoint provides guidance on why the feature is essential for inclusive school reform. It also introduces implementation steps and examples.

    View Intro
  • Steps to Get You Started: Strong LEA/School Relationship

    Your school can take specific action steps to develop a strong LEA/School relationship.

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