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SWIFT Guide / Inclusive Policy Structure & Practice / LEA Policy Framework

LEA Policy Framework

The LEA Policy Framework means that the district or local educational agency (LEA) has a formal structure to continually evaluate and rewrite policy in support of quality practices. The LEA uses information from schools to support and ensure staff receive training on relevant research and/or research-based practices.


This film shows how an inclusive LEA policy framework promotes and sustains a district where every student participates meaningfully in all social and instructional settings.


  • Discussion Guide: LEA Policy Framework

    Use this discussion guide along with the SWIFT in 60 video to talk with school stakeholders about what a LEA policy framework could look like at your school.

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  • Introduction to LEA Policy Framework

    Use this PowerPoint to introduce the SWIFT feature: LEA Policy Framework. The PowerPoint provides guidance on why the feature is essential for inclusive school reform. It also introduces implementation steps and examples.

    View Intro
  • Steps to Get You Started: LEA Policy Framework

    Your school can take specific action steps to develop a LEA Policy Framework.

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