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People First Language

What is this resource? This one-page article guides the reader’s understanding of person first language, why it is important, and provides examples of a language shift.

Why is it valuable? The language used when establishing or continuing inclusive environments is crucial. This article establishes the need for person first language and provides alternatives to assist in that language shift.

Authors: Snow, K. (2009). A few words about people first language. Retrieved from: FCAJM32YTRnsH0n9oap3P48RE6pYWNi3ytOOBxAgw12IgWOlt98KLdLFKokvqi1vaz6x4b1q-spg4NcPeojAZjOkzhgKxEzp/pflsh09.pdf

Ideal Audience: School Faculty and Staff, Administrators, Family and Community Members

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