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Serving on Groups that Make Decisions: A Guide for Families

What is this resource?  This a free online training, which can also be downloaded as a pdf file in both English and Spanish, enables family members to be more effective in a leadership capacity. The module is broken down into 8 sections which range from 10 to 44 minutes. Participants can enter and exit the modules based on their own needs.

Why is it valuable? For family members who serve on school committees/advisory groups, but who may not be familiar with the different types of school teams and the processes they use, this resource is an easy, independent way to get up to speed.

Authors: Developed as part of the State Personnel Development Grant (2007-2012) from the WI Department of Public Instruction under the Office of Special Education Programs. Published by the WI Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support (WI FACETS).

Ideal Audience: Family and Community Members

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